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easy magic tricks

Easy Magic Tricks to Learn

Magic fascinates. Most people who love performing magic, even those on a professional level at some point attended hobbies and craft sections while young. They invested more in magic movies and scripts that focused on magic. They practised these secretly and at times openly- Only when the trick was successful. To say the least, performing…
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Magic shows in casinos

Magic Shows in Famous Casinos

Most people love magic shows. People will pay anything just to attend a magic show event. If you are a gamer and are looking for something different other than the gaming table this time, then there are magic shows to attend the famous casinos. For example, if you are in Las Vegas, there are many…
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British Magic Museum to Visit

You will be backed up by many when you say that London is the home of magic. This country adores magic, and today, the world’s greatest magicians have roots in London. Unlike in other countries where people can silently hunt down magician for performing magical tricks, this country adores their magicians since time immemorial. It…
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King Solomon's story

Magic folklore in the UK

King Solomon Story Josephus’ Account, Solomon Josephus in the 70 CE, compiled his antiquities which also include an excerpt from Solomon’s works. In reference to the 1st Kings, King Solomon does not only speak 3000 Proverbs 1005 songs, but he wrote up to 3000 books of proverbs and up t0 1005 ode books. He could…
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the best magicians of all times

Best Magicians of All Times

If you like magic, you definitely know that magician Dedi was the world’s first magician. He came from Egypt and is known from his performance of the conjuring effect, balls. Another performance that this great magician did was to decapitate a bird and later to reattach its head to bring it back to life. But…
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