Easy Magic Tricks to Learn

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Easy Magic Tricks to Learn

easy magic tricks

Magic fascinates. Most people who love performing magic, even those on a professional level at some point attended hobbies and craft sections while young. They invested more in magic movies and scripts that focused on magic. They practised these secretly and at times openly- Only when the trick was successful. To say the least, performing magic helps to increase your self-confidence, it promotes self-discipline, boosts critical thinking, brings joy to others, and helps you to approach people and socialize. Well, if you are fascinated by magic, then here are some of the coolest tricks that you could perform at home or during a family event.

Bending a spoon

If you are a smart aleck, then you first need to know the trick of bending a spoon. Grab any spoon and press down on it using your hands so that it appears bent. While your dumbfounded spectators just ponder what you did, lift up the spoon and show them that the spoon is actually unbent.

Building and performing the DIY Magic Box Trick

Get a magic box which you can produce small handkerchiefs and ribbons. Constructing the box is fun, and you can get tutorials online or watch how to create them on YouTube. Learning how to perform this simple trick is easy and fun. This trick is perfect for magician kids in their first magic show performance.

Threading the Needle

This is a great trick that is easy to perform upon practice. You will need to thread a piece of rope through the rope needle. First, have a length of rope and a talent of sorts for sleight of hand.

Magic pencil 2

Show people how a pencil can stick to your hand while you grasp your wrist, letting go of the grabbing hand. The pencil then stays in place. Your wrist is the key to performing this trick successfully however; you need not let your audience in on it.

Vanish Coins with a Ring

As a magician, the trick lets you make a coin disappear. The props for performing this trick include playing cards and a couple of rings. While it may require a little of pre-construction, it is appropriate for children. It may also require a parent’s help for the young magician performing the trick.

Crayon ESP

Let someone, preferably your child picks a crayon from a box then guess its colour using mind-reading powers. All you need to perform this trick is a box of crayons. Let your back face the kid then ask them to pick one crayon out of the box and place it on your hands.
The moment they hand it to you, face them with your hand hidden from you. Talk about the magic as you crap this crayon using your right thumb. Then transfer your spectators’ mind to yours using the right-hand. Wave your fingers in front of them saying that you are reading their thought and that you are transferring them into yours.
When you finally feel the crayon in your fingers, face them with your hands still concealed behind you. While still talking about the trick, scrap the crayon using the right thumbnail. This will get the wax to stick between your fingers and nail.
Keep the crayon behind your back with your left hand and transfer your kid’s thoughts to yours using the right hand. Wave your fingers in front of their face saying, ‘I am reading your thoughts, and I am transferring them into my mind.
While still waving your hands in front of your eyes, sneak the glimpse of the colour, under your thumbnail. Finally, reveal the answer to the kids. Believe the answer and add a few abracadabras for effect.

Cold as Ice

This magical trick goes against the laws of physics as water tends to freeze instantly. You will need to pour some water into a cup then utter the secret magic words. Turn the cup over, and you will find the ice where the water in the cup occupied. This trick only requires minimal setup and is a very easy trick to be performed by little magicians.

The impassable corks

In this trick, hold two wine corks which are seemingly interlocked. Now pull out the corks through each other. This trick is a fast and visual trick that can be performed with rolled dollar bills. It can also be done using other objects of almost the same size as the wine corks. This trick can be a bit difficult to magicians that are starting up; however, it makes a good option for a bit older child as well as beginning adult magicians.

Banana Buster

The banana buster trick lets you segment a banana in a mysterious way. Execute an ultra-secret ninja move and cause the banana to separate into several pieces while still inside the peel. You only need to prepare yourself better to perform this trick. The banana is also edible when you finish performing the trick.