Magic folklore in the UK

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Magic folklore in the UK

King Solomon's story

King Solomon Story

Josephus’ Account, Solomon Josephus in the 70 CE, compiled his antiquities which also include an excerpt from Solomon’s works. In reference to the 1st Kings, King Solomon does not only speak 3000 Proverbs 1005 songs, but he wrote up to 3000 books of proverbs and up t0 1005 ode books. He could compose incantations to heal sick people and exorcize the dead. Josephus also prophesied the building up of the original temple of Jerusalem.

Solomon’s Wisdom

In the Apocryphal Wisdom of Solomon in the 220BCE to 50CE indicates that this king prayed and received the spirit of wisdom. Wisdom made the king know about astrology as well as the forces of spirits sometimes known as the power of the spirits.

Solomon’s Magical Powers

In the Rehoboam Epistle, there is a passage which is subtitle ‘Concerning Hygromancy’ The king instructs Rehoboam, his son on how to use divination and also astrology to secure wealth, sexual gratification, power, and health. His magic purely lays on his understanding of cosmology and astrology. He is seen to instruct his son Rehoboam on the planet that rules each day of the week and the good and evil spirits that are associated with every hour of the day. Rehoboam, upon realizing the forces that control time, he uses their energies through prayer and magical ritual.

Solomon the Vain

The second treatise of the great Seth mocks this king. Throughout the time that he thought he was Christ, he became a laughing stock. He became vain through Hebdomad – Treat. Read this on Seth 63:11-15.

He Forces Demons to Help Build the Temple

A manuscript at the John Rylands Library says that Solon and Thabor built the temple during the night. These pages, for now, are thought date from the 10th century; however, this legend is thought to have lived during this period. In the manuscript CCM: JrylLib 85, it can be seen that the king coerced demons to cut stones for building the temple. They worked during the night, and it can be seen that they were too noisy. This made King Thabor wage a war against Solomon However, on noticing that the king had commanded demons, he aborted his plans.

Mandean Ginza that dates back to the 2n century claims that the king had powers over devs and demons. These powers were however not used in the construction of Temple, in Jerusalem.

The King’s Powers Over Demons

In 300CE Zosimus of Panopolis wrote about the king’s fame e in the exorcist. In his writings, he mentions a lost work known as Seven Heventat explains how Solomon constructed the Magical Bottle as well as the formula of the conjuration of demons. According to Zosimus, these were purposely mean to capture demons. In the Sepher Ha-Razim, it can be seen that King Solomon had access to what’s called ‘A Boo of Mysteries’. The book empowered the king to use demons to accomplish various tasks such as winning the heart of a rich woman, nubbing an captivating fugitive, giving the foe insomnia, Lighting an event that happens in the cold, protecting soldier in the battlefield, reversing negative court result, filling a house with fire while protecting it from being bunt, winning a horse race, and more. All these would serve as proof to one’s powers.

Solomon statement of Truth

This statement of truth is found in Nag Hammadi Codex IX, 3. Here you will also read about Solomon commanding demons to build the temple. This can be found in 2nd-3rd cent. CE.

The 49 Androgynous Demons

A book of Solomon is referred on the Origin of the World. The demonology is derived from the EpRh.

The Apocalypse of Adam

In the Apocalypse of Adam, 7: 13-16, here you will find reference to the King commanding an army of demons in a list of up to 1 false explanation for the origin of the redeemer figure known as the Photor, 150 CE.

The Statement of Truth

The statement of truth, found in IX,3 I the Nag Hammadi Codex speaks of Solomon power to command demons to build the temple