About Me

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My name is Daniel Williams

My love of
being a magician started a long time ago when I was barely 3 years old

I could see magicians perform in my neighbour’s birthday parties and other events. It really fascinated me at such a young age, and I could not figure out how they managed to pull their stunts.

My love for being one of them only continued to grow by the day. As I got older, I could save some money to go to theatres in town when a magician was performing. Sometimes when I did not have enough money, I could just take a ride to town hoping to find a magician performing publicly. Sometimes I could find some while on other days I couldn’t. When I could, I tried to focus my attention on the way they executed the stunt rather than the stunt itself.

When I got home, I could try pulling out the stunts on my own. At times I could get it right while on other occasions it flopped. It could even get riskier at times when I did it secretly. I remember breaking my arm twice. I also remember almost setting our house to flames. But not even that could discourage me from trying the tricks.

Later I started investing in films such as Hurry Porter, The Prestige, Willow and more just to catch up on what I needed to know. I also bought magic pamphlets just to grow my knowledge of tricks. Of cause by now, I know how to play about with cards, an art which I have mastered well. Sometimes I perform during birthday parties of friends and family. They love it so much, and they tip me sometimes tip me for tricks well executed.

In future, I want to practice professional magic as this has always been my passion. I believe that I will be a successful magician, just as Dynamo, The magician whom I love watching his TV series. I also aspire to become greater than the past and present magicians because I know I have all that it takes.