Magic is purely tricks and illusions performed to the audience.

What is magic ?

Some sub-genres of magic include stage magic, illusion and close up magic. These are staged tricks of what seems like impossible feats performed on stage using natural means. Magic has today become a famous theatrical art. It has a deep history, and over the years the world has experienced notable ancient magicians such as Devant, Howard Thurston, and Maskelyne Harry Kellar, Harry Houdini and many more. These achieved widespread success during the Golden Age of Magic. Currently magic is a staple of music halls and theatre vaudeville. It has continued to retain its popularity on TV, streets, as well as social media platforms where magicians mostly market themselves.

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A Brief History of Magic

The history of magic, more so these start like “pick a card” have long been depicted by the ancient Egyptians in literature and tomb painting. In 1823, Henry Westcar, an Egyptian papyrus portrayed magician Dedi, performing a trick on an animal decapitation. He replaced the severed heads then makes several prophecies to a king. Various magical experts though believe the tale was fictional; nonetheless, there are those who believe that some magicians can also make prophecies.

There is also another magician trick that was performed in Egypt that is depicted in a painting from the Wall of Baget tomb III in the 21st century BCE. Here there are two men who are sitting around a table with inverted bowls on top. Some experts say this is the first cup and Bowls routine while there are those who say this may be some kind of a game. This painting also depicts other game leisures including juggling.
The Roman Acetabularii

This is a group of magicians who performed the Cup and Ball routine in ancient Rome for about 250 years. It started around 50 CE. The group’s name originated from the original illusion whereby they used vinegar cups and small stones. At around 65 CE, which was towards the end of his life, Seneca who was the younger of Rome says takes pleasure in the trick and also connects it to the hand of the juggler, in his 45th year.

The Modern Magic

Today, modern magic is so popular. Thanks to the ancient French magician called Jean Eugene Houdini. He is as well referred to as the Father of Modern Magic. He was born in 1805 in Blois, the central town of French. This magician experienced an unexpected moment in the history of magic. He intended to follow in his dad’s footsteps of making clocks and saved money to buy a copy of Treatise on Clock-making rather than two volumes of pamphlets for making clocks.

Practising Tricks

Houdini was sent 2 books on magic and decided not to return them but rather read them and started practising the tricks each day. While he seemed not to lean so much with his magician books, he opted to hire magician services from the local magician to learn more tricks. He had a mentor, Maous who was a doctor and often performed at parties and fairs.


The doctor taught him some of the fundamental magic such as hand to eye coordination and sleight of hand. He practised this and, in the end, learned that repetition would enable him to master the art. If Houdini had received the rightly ordered books perhaps, he could have become a renowned watchmaker, but fate made him rather become a renowned magician who brought magic into theatres. He over time inspired many great trick performers including Harry Houdini who is the master of escape tricks. The master of escape tricks named himself after his master, Houdini.

Famous Magicians in the UK

Today, there are thousands of magicians in the world. The top celebrated the world over overtime includes David Blaine, Shin Lim, Lancer Burton, Apollo Robbins, David Devant, David Copperfield, Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller and much more. However, there are modern day street magicians in the UK namely, and not in order

Dynamo the Magician aka Steven Freyne, 36
Ben Hanlin, 30
Derren Brown, 48
Troy Von Scheibner 29 years
Megan Knowles-Bacon, the 20s
Peter Firman, 39
Chris Cox, 34
Paul Kieve, the 40s
All time best magicians
Fay Presto, the late 60s

Magic Folklore in UK

There are many magic texts referred to as grimoires which got penned in king Solomon’s name. This wisest king in the history of humankind was a magician. Be that as it may, but here are top magical legends that are not only celebrated in the UK only but also throughout the world.

Solomon, the son of David, was the wisest ruler. He ruled over Israel and Judah during the 10th century BCE. His folklore comes from the Bible’s 1st Kings whereby his wisdom surpasses the wisdom of all Egyptians and all people from the East. The author of the book of 1st Kings describes the vast kingdom of Solomon, his knowledge and wisdom. He affirms that this wise ruler spoke 3000 proverbs and wrote up to 1005songs.
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