Best Magicians of All Times

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Best Magicians of All Times

the best magicians of all times

If you like magic, you definitely know that magician Dedi was the world’s first magician. He came from Egypt and is known from his performance of the conjuring effect, balls. Another performance that this great magician did was to decapitate a bird and later to reattach its head to bring it back to life. But the question that begs is, who invented magic? It can be recalled that Maskelyne and Cooke are the ones who came up with many illusions that are even today being performed. Their notable inventions include Levitation. In 1844 February to 1896 December the 17th. It is also called Hermann the Great.

Over time, magic has evolved. It is now being performed not only in theatres but also on big stages and casinos as well as on the streets and on the Internet. Today, there is a crop of talented magicians who do their performances using a mixture of both ancient and new age tricks. These magicians are scattered all over the world. While no one can readily judge who the best is and who is not, there are some who are more famous than others. In the piece below, you will find out more about the world’s well-known magicians today.

  1. Dynamo, the Magician

    Steven Frayne is a British magician who is well known by his stage name, Dynamo the Magician. The magician won the Magician of The Year Award during the Academy of Magical Arts’ 48th Annual Award. You can recall him from his popular television show Dynamo: The Magician Impossible. In the show, pulls incredible and unreliable magic tricks on air. He is also known as the official king of cards, but what perturbed many is his stunt where he walked on water and also performed levitations. The list of Dynamo’s epic tricks is numerous. At the moment, he is on his late 30s.

  2. Harry Houdini

    Of cause, the list cannot be complete without the mention of the King of Magic, the Legendary Harry Houdini. He is the great magician of all times, as well as an escape artist of all times. The legend is known the world over for performing life-threatening stunts in public. He once dared the police to lock him up. The London Daily in 1904 challenged him to escape a unique handcuff that had taken a renowned locksmith 5 years to make. He accepted this challenge and went on to perform publicly in front of a crowd of about 400 people and up to 100 journalists. He took more than an hour for the artist to unlock the handcuff. To date, no one knows what formula or trick he used to do so.

  3. Penn and Teller

    These are American magicians that have over time performed together. They started doing their stunts together back in the 70s. They are famous for not only pulling magic tricks but also coupling it up with comedy. Their main theme is fantasy violence and shock appeal. This comes with a mixture of humour. Notable stunts performed by the duo is hanging upside down on a cushion of spikes, being run over by a tractor-trailer and being submerged in a tank full of water. They sometimes craft a magic trick and reveals it to the public. Normally these stunts are weird and more spectacular

  4. David Blaine

    He is known for his powerful endurance achievements. David is an American illusionist famous for setting and breaking the world record of magic. He started a television show that was a world record in television magic. In an interview, David Blaine said that he is in a mission to restore magic to the place it was, 100 years back. He is famous for his ‘Buried Alive’ wizardry, Electrified, Frozen in Time, Drowned Alive and also One Million Volts Always On. The American magician has in several; attempts tried to take part in the Guinness World Record.